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Why Your B2B Businesses Needs?Marketing Automation
Marketing automation enables you to:

1. Start conversations with new customer prospects and build stronger relationships with existing customers.
2. Deliver more sales-ready leads to your sales team.
3. Nurture cross-selling opportunities to existing customers.
4. Sell more to each customer through lead nurturing. Forrester Research reported that companies excelling at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost per lead.
5. Do more than you could before, with less resources, by focusing on high quality leads.
6. Track the results, costs and profitability of your marketing campaigns from first touch to final sale
7. Increase sales and profitability, outgrowing your competitors with improved, proven ROI.

Competitive Advantage?for Your B2B Business

Marketing automation is particularly effective in B2B scenarios where there is a long sales cycle. It enables personalised automation of lead nurturing process. Lead scoring and lead tracking give your sales people the information they need to know when it?s time to reach out to your sales prospects and customers.

Personalise Your Message

Benefits also include improved lead segmentation, as well as better control and management of email and campaigns. Becoming proficient at these functions through marketing automation will enhance efficiencies?and?streamline the marketing and sales process. Integrating marketing automation with CRM systems leads to measurable results and detailed understandings about how to engage with prospects and customers. Marketing automation gets companies closer to their customers.

Automatic segmentation allows leads to be segmented by anything you choose ? interests, business types, favourite colour, company turnover/size, and so on. This enables the marketing automation systems to send personalised emails based upon their particular segment. If they?re interested in a particular solution, you can target them for that specific solution. Your communications will be focused on what the customer is interested in.

Save Stacks of Time

Marketing automation is an immense time saver and enables campaigns to be organised ahead of time. You can create multiple campaigns and emails ahead of time and schedule them for any time in the future.

Once your campaigns are set up and running, your sales staff can concentrate on contacting high value leads. They can allow the marketing automation systems to nurture the leads through personalised communications. Meanwhile, your sales force have access to all interaction and activity of the identified leads, making the first conversation so much more productive. The value of detailed customer profiles cannot be overestimated. How much better is it to say ?I see you were interested in our large red boxes? than ?I saw you?d filled in a form on our website??

Easy and Affordable?for SME’s

Marketing automation used to be the domain of large enterprise customers. These companies invested in it heavily, giving them ways to segment and target leads in ways they could only have dreamed of before. Fortunately, this is no longer the?case. Small and medium sized companies can now benefit from the new affordability and ease of use of modern marketing automation systems.

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